Who Married (to) Whom in Luxembourg

Last year, in 2020, there were 1,764 different sex marriages registered in Luxembourg and 39 same sex marriages (Male-Male, 23) and (Female-Female, 16). Below is a representation of the nationalities of the brides and grooms of the different sex marriages.

Luxembourgish brides married to Luxembourgish grooms representated 41% of all marriages (n=725), and Luxembourgish brides or grooms married to non-Luxembourgish partners represented another 27% of all marriages (Luxemourgish grooms married to non-Lux brides, n=281) and (Luxemourgish brides married to non-Lux grooms, n=190).

The left side of the graph below shows the husbands (h) and right side the wives (w), and the nationalities are represented as:
L = Luxembourgish (h/w for husband or wife),
B = Belgian,
F = French,
G = German,
P = Portuguese,
R = Rest of the world

data source: STATEC

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