Music Schools and Conservatoires in Luxembourg

Luxembourg boasts nearly 17,000 students across its music schools, conservatoires and other music instructions (cours de musique). The music education is usually coordinated at the municipal (commune) level and students can be enrolled as early as 4 years of age.

Here we give an overview of over 120 municipal and regional music schools, conservatoires and the other music instructions/lessons available in Luxembourg (data as of 2017-2018), to facilitate parents and music enthusiasts to locate the nearest music education possibilities around them.

The ‘websites’ for 4 conservatoires and 12 music schools are given directly on the tooltip (are clickable and opens new window), else we show the commune name so that one can contact the relevant commune for further information.

Clicking on the legend above would activate/deactivate individual sets and the map can be ‘zoomed’ for better visualization.

Additional information related to movement of choral and instrumental music, folklore and theater of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is available at the national federation L’Union Grand-Duc Adolphe (UGDA).

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