Cities, Towns and Villages in Luxembourg

According to statut from 13 Dec 1988, there are 12 cities/towns in Luxembourg but there has been a lot of demographic changes since then. Moreover, Luxembourg being a relatively small country, the standard definitions for cities and town are not very representative.

From a local viewpoint, here we define* (hypothetical)

  • City: Minimum 1,000 registered addresses (pseudo-representation of residences and commercial activities) AND a minimum of 3,000 residents as of 01.01.2020;
  • Town: Minimum 100 registered addresses AND 500 residents as of 01.01.2020 (excluding the cities defined above);
  • Villages: Rest of the localities.

This is NOT an official definition!

Clicking on the legend above would activate/deactivate the ‘set of cities / towns / villages’ and the map can be ‘zoomed’ for better visualization.

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