Private Creches and Foyers (Childcare Centers) in Luxembourg

Here we present an overview of more than 370 private Creches (nurseries) and Foyers (daycare) across Luxembourg in 2020 with their physical address and webpage, if available.

Please note that for the establishments with a creche and a foyer at the same physical address, we have listed them as a single entity. Also, the list below is to the best of our knowledge but may have missed a few establishments. Please let us know and we will update accordingly.

clicking’ the weblinks on the map above would open a new window.

For programmatic reasons, special characters in the address or in the name of the establishment were exchanged to the nearest alphabet (example: è to e, ä to a, î to i, û to u, etc.) or with a ‘space’ (example: l’Eglise to l Eglise, d’Arlon to d Arlon, etc.)

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