Weekly Deaths in Luxembourg

first published: 08.10.2020
data and text updated: 19.02.2021

Here we look at the total number of deaths per week (all-causes together) since 2010. The data for 2020 is shown in red and a noticable increase in the weeks 45 – 53 is evident compared to 2010-2019.

The sudden rise in weekly deaths is most likely due to the increase in COVID-19 related deaths noted in the same time-period.

COVID-19 Related Daily Deaths in Luxembourg

Here we take a closer look at the COVID-19 related deaths reported daily between 1 Mar 2020 and 31 Jan 2021 alongwith ‘Other Causes’ of deaths per day for visualization purposes.

A ‘crest’ between Nov – Dec 2020 is probably due to COVID-19 related deaths were in addition to the other causes of deaths, and show the impact of lives lost due to COVID-19.

Overview COVID-19 Deaths in Old Age Care Homes

There has been 808 deaths in Luxembourg related to COVID-19 disease (as of 18.05.2021) since the beginning of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, and it was realized early-on that severe outcome is mostly in the old age groups. Here we therefore look closely at all the deaths in old age care homes in Luxembourg.

The are 30 CIPA (centres intégrés pour personnes âgées) and 22 nursing homes (maisons de soins), with 3,936 and 2,486 beds available, respectively, considered in this article as as ‘long term care homes’ in Luxembourg. All beds are not occupied all the time and as the number of residents change over time, the number of beds in mentioned. [Please note that facilities for people with disabilities (ESI) and supervised accommodation (LE) are also ‘care homes’, but not considered in the context of COVID-19 related deaths in older population].

In the 30 CIPA structures, a total of 222 deaths related to COVID-19 infection has been recorded so far, of which 141 deaths are within the CIPA structures and 81 deaths were following hospitalization.

In the 22 nursing homes, a total of 124 deaths related to COVID-19 infection has been recorded so far, of which 79 deaths are within the nursing homes and 45 deaths were following hospitalization.

Together, this represents 346 deaths in ‘long term care homes’ in Luxembourg due to COVID-19, or about 42.8% of all deaths due to COVID-19 in Luxembourg so far (808 deaths, as of 18.05.2021)

The following table gives the complete overview of the deaths in hospitals and other stuctures (CIPA, nursing homes and general household) as of 18.05.2021

CIPA141 (17.45%)81 (10.02%)
Nursing Homes79 (9.78%)45 (5.57%)
Other healthcare network82 (10.15%)
household residents334 (41.34%)35 (4.33%)
all percentages are calculated w.r.t to the total 808 deaths

data source: data.public.lu

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data source: STATEC