Weekly Deaths in Luxembourg

first published: 08.10.2020
data and text updated: 19.02.2021

Here we look at the total number of deaths per week (all-causes together) since 2010. The data for 2020 is shown in red and a noticable increase in the weeks 45 – 53 is evident compared to 2010-2019.

The sudden rise in weekly deaths is most likely due to the increase in COVID-19 related deaths noted in the same time-period.

COVID-19 Related Daily Deaths in Luxembourg

Here we take a closer look at the COVID-19 related deaths reported daily between 1 Mar 2020 and 31 Jan 2021 alongwith ‘Other Causes’ of deaths per day for visualization purposes.

A ‘crest’ between Nov – Dec 2020 is probably due to COVID-19 related deaths were in addition to the other causes of deaths, and show the impact of lives lost due to COVID-19.

data source: STATEC

data source: data.public.lu

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