Apartment Rental Costs and Availability in Luxembourg

Here we present the rental costs of residential apartments in Euro / square meter (sq.m.) across the Luxembourg communes for the most recent data available (2019-2020) or in case this is not available, the (2018-2019) or (2016-2017), to present as much detailed and updated map as possible. Still, for 14 communes there is ‘no data’ available since there were not enough offers (advertisements).

The costs shown below are ‘current costs’ and are not adjusted for inflation. Also, since a comprehensive rental cost map is the primary goal, the average costs for (2019-2020) and (2018-2019) is shown for the communes with at least 30 offers to present a statistically accurate view but for (2016-2017), average costs is shown for up to a minimum of 5 offers to complete the map as much as possible.

Apart from shared apartments or studio apartments, most 2-bedroom apartments are around 80 sq.m. and a simple multiplication of the Euro/sq.m. data below would give an estimation of a standard apartment rental cost in Luxembourg (excluding other charges).

PS: please note the ‘merged’ communes in 2018 (list below).

Below we present the rental costs as well as availability (number of offers / advertisements) together for each commune since 2005 to give an overview of the evolution in costs as well as the number of offers.

Note: The historical data is added / averaged over the following communes which were merged.

  • Käerjeng = (Bascharage + Clemency) merged in 2012
  • Parc Hosingen = (Consthum + Hoscheid + Hosingen) merged in 2012
  • Schengen = (Burmerange + Wellenstein) merged in 2012
  • Vallée de l’Ernz = (Ermsdorf + Medernach) merged in 2012
  • Habscht = (Hobscheid + Septfontaines) merged in 2018
  • Helperknapp = (Boevange-sur-Attert + Tuntange) merged in 2018
  • Rosport-Mompach = (Mompach + Rosport) merged in 2018

The raw data collection and methods have changed over the years and the details are available at http://observatoire.liser.lu/ (in French)

data source: Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research

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