Luxembourg and Multiple Nationalities

Luxembourg had 335,304 residents with Luxembourg nationality as of 01.01.2021, of which 54,833 individuals had at least one additional nationality, or in other words, 16.35% of Luxembourgish nationals had atleast one additional nationality. This is a remarkable increase, nearly double, in just three years (27,454 individuals in 2018, representing 8.8% of Luxembourg nationals with at least one additional nationality). Please note that the data here concerns only Luxembourg residents.

Here is a further breakdown of the above pie-chart with top 7 additional nationalities shown, with (Luxembourgish + Portuguese) representing a quarter (25.72%) of all Luxembourgish + additional nationalities (Luxembourg residents only). Please note that it is possible to have a third or more nationalities as well, but not shown here. Only the first entry in addition to Luxembourgish is shown.

🇱🇺Only Luxembourgish280,471
🇱🇺 + 🇵🇹Lux + Portuguese14,103
🇱🇺 + 🇫🇷Lux + French8,383
🇱🇺 + 🇮🇹Lux + Italian5,200
🇱🇺 + 🇧🇪Lux + Belgian 4,318
🇱🇺 + 🇩🇪Lux + German3,525
🇱🇺 + 🇲🇪Lux + Montenegrin2,495
🇱🇺 + 🇬🇧Lux + British2,350
🇱🇺 + 🏁Lux + Others14,459
Luxembourgish (Total)335,304
data as of 01.01.2021

Naturalization (a non-citizen acquiring Luxembourg citizenship) is a different topic but partly connected with multiple nationalities (countries for which it is allowed for its citizens to hold additional citizenships), and below is the evolution of number of yearly naturalizations in Luxembourg. A ‘click/ tap’ on the column would show the number of individuals from 6 different nationalities who have acquired Luxembourg citizenship since 2010.

data source: STATEC

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