SARS-CoV-2 Positive Cases in Luxembourg Schools

Scenario 1 = Isolated Single Case = Explanation: An isolated case in a class that can be attributed to an external source of infection.
Scenario 2 = Two Cases = Explanation: Two positive cases in one classroom, regardless of the source of infection.
Scenario 3 = Three-to-Five Cases = Explanation: Three-to-Five positive cases (including tested positive after quarantine) in one classroom, regardless of the source of infection.
Scenario 4 = Several Cases = Explanation: More than Five positive cases in one classroom or several cases in different classes in the school, regardless of the source of infection.

Data: The number of weekly cases in Luxembourg schools (state and private, but excluding centres de compétences) is collected from the weekly reports available on the Luxembourg Ministry of Education website ( for the weeks 9-15 Nov, 16-22 Nov, 23-29 Nov, 30 Nov-6 Dec, 7-13 Dec and 14-20 Dec.

the charts are clickable and would show data inside each level for better visualization and comparison between the weeks! For ‘smartphones’, it is recommended to turn the phone into ‘landscape’ view.

first published: 14.11.2020
data updated: 26.12.2020

data source:

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