COVID-19 Vaccination Status in the EU/EEA

first published: 08.02.2021

The map/data below is a simple overview of the current situation in terms of percentage of residents of age 18y and older recieving at least the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine in the EU/EEA Member States. Please note that the adult population used for calculation is as of 01.01.2020 and although now 12y and older individuals also recieve the vaccine, the calculations are w.r.t.18y+, and hence the limitations in the numbers below is ackowledged and subject to continous change.

data as of: 02.09.2021

Below we look at the available data on vaccination a bit closely. The chart, on x-axis show the percentage of residents those has been administered at least first dose (so it includes first and both doses, and also same as the map-data above) and on y-axis show the percentage of residents those have recieved both doses, and hence x-axis versus y-axis gives a relative situation between the member states. The size of the circle shows the number of total doses administered so far.

data as of: 02.09.2021 and the plot can be zoomed by ‘click-and-drag’

the * on x-axis and y-axis is to mention all percentages are calculated for the adult population (18y+) as of 01.01.2020, which is 506,569 individuals. The dotted-lines on x-axis (first dose) and on y-axis (second dose) are arbitrary, centered at Luxembourg data (red circle) and purely for comparative visualization.

Below we look at the synchronized details of total vaccine doses available and total vaccine doses administered in Luxembourg (lines) together with the number of people who recieved first dose or both doses (area), giving a comprehensive overview of the situation on a particular date.

Please note that the data is collected from different sources like press conferences (, media posts, and, as currently there is no single publicly available source with all the information plotted above and therefore, discrepency in data between the sources is possible. Here the idea is to provide a detailed overview but limitations are ackowledged, so please consider the data with caution.

Also the area for People (1x doses) is ‘stacked’ on top of the People (2x doses) for visually showing together the total number of people.

data source: ECDC

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