First Positive Indications of COVID-19 Vaccination

It is highly anticipated that the COVID-19 vaccination would reduce the number of severe outcome (hospitalizations) following SARS-CoV-2 infection and possibly, transmission as well. Luxembourg does not publish detailed data on age-groups of the hospitalized patients, so we cannot get a direct evidence in terms of reduced ‘severe outcome’ (hospitalizations) but first indications in terms of reduction in the number of ‘infections’ has emerged for the vaccinated group (age-group of vaccinated and infected is available).

Since older people were vaccinated first, we would concentrate here on the data from 80y and older residents age group. So far, 76.75% of the 80y and older residents are vaccinated with first dose and 70.38% of 80y and older residents fully vaccinated (data as of 25.04.2021). The chart below is weekly data (Mon – Sun) and hence starts on 4th Jan 2021.

(cumul.) = cumulative data as of end of the week.

Since the vaccination data for different age-groups is available as weekly data, here we plot the actual number of vaccinations (cumulative) along with the PCR positive cases (weekly) in the 80y and older residents, and for the latest week (19.04.21-25.04.21), there were only 21 new cases detected, lowest weekly total for 2021 so far.

Hence, it is probably the first indication of a positive effect of COVID-19 vaccination on the reduced cases (and reduced transmission) in 80y or older residents in Luxembourg.

NOTE: The reduction is also partly due to vaccination of the healthcare professionals in the old-age care homes, as they provide an overall ‘safer environment’.
It is also important to mention that in the above time period (04.Jan – 25.Apr), there were total 178 deaths in the 80y or older age group (weekly breakdown not available)

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