COVID-19 Vaccine Perception in Luxembourg Population Subset

DISCLAIMER: The aim of the survey was to understand the ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance and General Perception’ in a subset of Luxembourg population who were reached through social media channel only. Caution is adviced while interpreting the data as it is a small set of reponses (n=134).

Data Collection: The general readers of ExpatNotesLux were invited to participate in a short survey with first 3 questions related to demography of the participants, followed by 5 questions related to vaccination, on 14.12.2020 and responses were retrieved on 16.12.2020 (total 134 responses). All responses were voluntary.

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Note: All charts are interactive and show the absolute numbers/values when clicked on the chart.

Following are the questions and graphical representation of the responses received.

– No option for less than <15y age-group, and there were no repondents for above 80y+ age-group.



  • (LUX) Luxembourgish
  • (EU27) Rest of EU27
  • (non-EU) non-EU27 (or, rest of the World)

Q1. Are you well informed about vaccines in general?

Q2. Are you well informed about Covid-19 vaccination strategies and details in Luxembourg?

Q3. Do you have any concerns about potential risk associated with Covid-19 vaccine(s)?

Q4. Would you like to have a choice for method / manufacturer of Covid-19 vaccine(s)?

Q5. Which of the following is the primary reason for you to get vaccinated as soon as possible

  • (Imp.) It is important and good for my health
  • (Pers.Imm) It is to get immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • (Glob.Imm) It is to reach ‘global-immunity’, and we all can go back to normal times
  • (Herd.Imm) It is to reach ‘herd-immunity’, so that we can protect the vulnerable and at-risk people
  • (No.Vacc) I do not intend to get COVID-19 vaccinated

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