Pharmacies in Luxembourg to get certified rapid antigen tests

From the 17 May 2021, the following 63 Pharmacies in Luxembourg are authorised to offer / conduct COVID-19 Rapid Antigenic Tests (nose swab) and issue certification of the results. The certificates, which would include the signature of the health professional and the logo of the Department of Health, Luxembourg, would act as a valid proof of a negative result required in particular for certain trips, activities or entrances (like in restaurants, cafes, concerts, etc.), as per the notification issued by the Luxembourg Ministry of Health, dated 12.05.2021.

The costs of the test are borne by the person wishing to be tested. In case of a positive result, the healthcare professional would immediately notify the Department of Health to ensure patient follow-up and initiate contact tracing measure.

For programmatic reasons, special characters in the address or in the name of the establishment were exchanged to the nearest alphabet (example: è to e, ä to a, etc.) or with a ‘space’ (example: l’Eglise to l Eglise, d’Arlon to d Arlon, etc.)

For limiting the number of patients authorized inside the pharmacy, it would be adviced to call the pharmacy for an appointment in advance (telephone numbers in the table below). the table can be serted by either locality or the name of the pharmacy.

LocalityPharmacyAddressTelephone (+352)
MerschPharmacie Centrale de Mersch18, Place Saint-Michel, L-755632 01 66
BeaufortPharmacie de Beaufort84, Grand-Rue, L-631026 87 66 60
Luxembourg VillePharmacie de Belair14, Avenue du Dix Septembre, L-255044 47 50
BelvalPharmacie de Belval9, Avenue du Blues, L-436824 55 99 48
Luxembourg VillePharmacie de Bonnevoie123, Rue de Bonnevoie, L-126148 24 58
CapellenPharmacie de Capellen17, Rue du Kiem, L-832830 03 57
ClervauxPharmacie de Clervaux1, Rue Dr Albert Mambourg, L-925692 10 15
Colmar-BergPharmacie de Colmar-Berg35, Avenue Gordon Smith, L-774026 88 51 76
FrisangePharmacie de Frisange2A, Letzebuergerstrooss, L-575223 66 21 1
Luxembourg VillePharmacie de Gasperich20, Rue de Gasperich, L-161748 16 11
GrevenmacherPharmacie de Grevenmacher19, Rue de Treves, L-679375 00 28
GrosbousPharmacie de Grosbous20, Rue d Arlon, L-915526 88 06 41
HosingenPharmacie de Hosingen2A, Happerfeld, L-980692 03 80
JunglinsterPharmacie de Junglinster4, Iernzwee, L-612978 00 25 1
KehlenPharmacie de Kehlen2A, Rue de Nospelt, L-828326 30 44 1
Luxembourg VillePharmacie de la Cloche d Or4, Rue Charles Darwin, L-143328 12 66 1
Luxembourg VillePharmacie de la Liberte48, Avenue de la Liberte, L-193048 84 08
MertertPharmacie de la Moselle51, Route de Wasserbillig, L-668626 71 44 83
WiltzPharmacie de l Aigle32, Grand-Rue, L-953095 80 20
LamadelainePharmacie de Lamadelaine18, Rue de la Providence, L-488526 65 85 1
Mondorf-les-BainsPharmacie de Mondorf45, Avenue Frantz Clement, L-561226 67 60 1
NiederanvenPharmacie de Niederanven77, Rue Laach, L-694534 87 48
NiederkornPharmacie de Niederkorn13, Rue des Ecoles, L-455158 91 99
PetangePharmacie de Petange10, Avenue de la Gare, L-473450 70 41
RambrouchPharmacie de Rambrouch15a, Rue Principale, L-880523 64 01 55
RedangePharmacie de Redange17, Grand-Rue, L-851023 62 40 1
RumelangePharmacie de Rumelange33, Grand-Rue, L-373026 56 03 71
SandweilerPharmacie de Sandweiler3, Rue d Itzig, L-523135 61 11
SteinfortPharmacie de Steinfort24, Route d Arlon, L-841039 00 24
SteinselPharmacie de Steinsel46, Rue des Fraises, L-732133 56 60
TroisviergesPharmacie de Troisvierges1, Rue Millbich, L-990599 80 22
WincrangePharmacie de Wincrange43, Haaptstrooss, L-978026 91 40 85
SchouweilerPharmacie des 3 Cantons88, Route de Longwy, L-499454 03 44
StrassenPharmacie des Romains76, Rue des Romains, L-804131 24 77
RemichPharmacie des Vignerons34, Route de l Europe, L-553123 66 90 31
Esch-sur-AlzettePharmacie du Benelux9, Place Benelux, L-402755 28 16
Luxembourg VillePharmacie du Cedre159, Rue de Beggen, L-122126 00 83 01
DifferdangePharmacie du Chateau15-17, Avenue Charlotte, L-453058 83 09
Luxembourg VillePharmacie du Cygne11, Avenue de la Porte-Neuve, L-222722 23 14
Luxembourg VillePharmacie du Globe16, Place de la Gare, L-161648 70 09
EchternachPharmacie du Lion12, Place du Marche, L-646072 00 27
Esch-sur-AlzettePharmacie du Nord8, Rue Victor Hugo, L-414055 41 09
DifferdangePharmacie du Parc29-31, Avenue de la Liberte, L-460158 80 80
SchifflangePharmacie du Soleil2, Rue Denis Netgen, L-385826 53 58 1
BettembourgPharmacie du Trefle27, Route d Esch, L-323051 13 05
DifferdangePharmacie Fousbann2, Rue Batty Weber, L-468458 82 28
Luxembourg VillePharmacie Ginkgo3, Val Ste Croix, L-137122 21 74
Esch-sur-AlzettePharmacie Glaesener15, Avenue de la Gare, L-413156 51 15
Luxembourg VillePharmacie Goedert32, Grand-Rue, L-166022 23 99 1
WiltzPharmacie Grotenrath25, Rue des Tondeurs, L-957095 70 76
Luxembourg VillePharmacie Hamilius23, Rue Aldringen, L-111826 20 17 18
Luxembourg VillePharmacie Hubscher50, Rue de Muhlenbach, L-216843 16 09
Luxembourg VillePharmacie Lugen18, Avenue de la Gare, L-161048 83 67 1
IngeldorfPharmacie Nordstad8, Route d Ettelbruck, L-916026 30 23 63
EttelbruckPharmacie Petry15, Rue de Bastogne, L-901081 21 48 1
DiekirchPharmacie Rommes Mergen1, Rue St. Antoine, L-920580 35 85
BascharagePharmacie Schambourg145, Avenue de Luxembourg, L-494050 77 73
DudelangePharmacie Schon92, Avenue Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, L-344026 52 10 10
DiekirchPharmacie St Laurent11, Grand-Rue, L-924080 35 65 1
Luxembourg VillePharmacie Thill-Bonnevoie46, Rue du Cimetiere, L-133829 60 90
Esch-sur-AlzettePharmacie Trierweiler50, Boulevard J.F. Kennedy, L-417054 08 03
SchifflangeSchefflenger Apdikt53, Avenue de la Liberation, L-385054 82 30
HespérangeUelzechtdall Apdikt456, Route de Thionville, L-588624 83 65 1

The list of the 63 pharmacies offering this service is also available at the Luxembourg Syndicate of Pharmacies (Syndicat des pharmaciens Luxembourgeois) and as MS Excel file.

Additional information is available from the Luxembourg government (in English).

Three important notes on rapid antigen test kits (as of 17.05.2021)

1. For indoor comsumption of food and/or beverages in restaurants, cafes and bars in Luxembourg (starting today, 17.05.2021), a certified rapid test of less than 24 hours. (e.g. from pharmacy, details above) or an antigen self-test ‘on-site’ is acceptable. (PDF file, 194kb)

2. A rapid antigen test done at home can be disposed of in the same garbage can as the usual household waste (grey/dark-grey garbage can). In the event of a positive test result, the kit should is to be put back in their original packaging or a separate bag, closed / sealed immediately, and then disposed in the household waste (grey/dark-grey garbage can). source: Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development. Text available in French, German, Luxembourgish and English (opens a new browser window).
The same information is also available on (link in english is shared here).

3. Madam Taina BOFFERDING, Minister, Luxembourg Home Affairs, thanked the municipalities (communes) which have chosen to participate in the certification of results following a COVID-19 rapid antigen test (Communiqué, 18.05.2021), confirmed that some of the municipalities has this possibility. It was not mentioned which communes are offering this possibility, and if one needs, can contact their commune for details.

Luxembourg Ministry of Health Recommended Rapid Antigen Test Kits

For people who want to perform a self-test at home or outside, the following list of manufacturers (and respective product/kit/test names) was recommended by the Luxembourg Ministry of Health, as of 20.04.2021.

ManufacturerName of Test Kit
Abbott Rapid Diagnostics Jena GmbHPanbio COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test
ACON Biotech(Hangzhou) Co., LtdRitter Easy Check SARS- CoV-2-Antigenschnelltest
Acura Kliniken Baden-Baden GmbHAcura Speichel-Test Diagnos COVID-19 Antigen Saliva Test Kit
Aesku.Diagnostics GmbH & Co. KGAESKU.RAPID SARS-CoV-2
Amec GmbHClungene COVID-19 Antigen Schnelltest
AMEDA Labordiagnostik GmbHAMP Rapid Test SARS-CoV-2 Ag
AMEDA Labordiagnostik GmbHAMP Rapid Test SARS-CoV-2 Ag Sputum
Anbio (Xiamen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.HYGISUN
Anhui Deepblue Medical Technology Co., Ltd.COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Antigentest (kolloidales Gold)
Anhui Deepblue Medical Technology Co. Ltd.COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Antigentestkit (kolloidales Gold) – Speichel
Aripa Biotec GmbHCOVID-19 N Antigen Schnelltest SARS- CoV-2 (vorderer Nasenabstrich)
Beijing Hotgen Biotech Co.,LtdCoronavirus (2019-nCoV)-Antigentest – Speichel
Beijing Hotgen Biotech Co.,LtdCoronavirus (2019-nCoV)-Antigentest –
Beijing Lepu Medical Technology Co., Ltd.NASOCHECKcomfort SARS-CoV-2 Antigen-Schnelltest
Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co., Ltd.WANTAI SARS-CoV-2 Ag Schnelltest (Kolloidales Gold)
Bio-Gram Diagnostics GmbHCOVID-19 Ag Test Kit
Biosynex Suisse SABIOSYNEX COVID-19 Ag BSS
Brawa GmbHTestsealabs COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Antigen Schnelltest
EJOY-GmbHSARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test
Getein Biotech Inc.einstufiger Test für SARS-COV-2-Antigen
Guangdong Longsee Biomedical Co., Ltd.2019-nCoV Ag Rapid Detection Kit
Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co., LtdSARS-CoV-2 Antigen-Saliva
Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co., Ltd.2019-nCoV Antigen Test (Lateral Flow Method)
Gunter Keul GmbHSARS-CoV-2 Antigentest Kit
Haemato Pharm GmbHWondfo 2019-nCoV Antigen Test
Hangzhou Clongene Biotech Co., Ltd.COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test
Hangzhou Laihe Biotech Ltd., Co.LYHER Covid-19 Antigen Schnelltest
Healgen Scientific LLCCLINITEST Rapid COVID-19 Self-Test
Icon Medlab GmbHSARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit
Joinstar Biomedical Technology Co., LtdCovid-19 Antigen Rapid Test
Lama Licensing GmbHLAMA SARS-Cov-2-Antigen- Saliva
MEDICE Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KGMedicovid-AG SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Schnelltest
Mexacare GmbHMEXACARE Corona Home-Test Antigen
MP Biomedicals Germany GmbHRapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Card
MR Sanicom GmbHJoinstar COVID-19 Antigen-Schnelltest
nal von minden GmbHNADAL COVID-19 Ag Test
NanoRepro AGNanoRepro Antigen Schnelltest (Viromed)
OFM GmbHSensitivo COVID-19 Antigen Test
OFM GmbHDeni COVID-19 Antigen Test
PerGrande BioTech Development Co., Ltd.SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Detection Kit
Pierenkemper GmbHAntigen Rapid test COVIDENT COVID-19
Qingdao Hightop Biotech Co., Ltd.HIGHTOP SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Antigen Rapid Test
Safecare Biotech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test kit
SD Biosensor, Inc.SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test
Shenzhen Watmind Medical Co., Ltd.SARS-CoV-2 Ag Diagnostic Test Kit
Sugentech, Inc.SGTi-flex COVID-19 Ag
Teda Laukoetter Technologie GmbHANBIO Corona Antigen Nasentupfer
Vitrosens Biyoteknoloji Ltd. Sti.RapidFor SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test
WQS Management Consultants GmbHSARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit
Xiamen Boson Biotech Co., LtdRapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Card
XIAMEN WIZ BIOTECH Co., Ltd.SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test (Colloidal Gold)
Zhejiang Anji Saianfu Biotech Co., Ltd.AndLucky’ SARS CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test

The original document can be downloadedd here (PDF file, 465kb)

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